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Philly Roll Tacos with Wasabi Cream

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Philly Roll Tacos with Wasabi Cream - - 2 pounds Wild Alaska Salmon fillets, 1 Tablespoon sesame oil, 2 Tablespoons low sodium soy sauce, Wasabi Cream:, 1-1/2 Tablespoons wasabi powder, prepared with water to make a paste, 1 Tablespoon sesame oil, 1 Tablespoon rice vinegar, 1 teaspoon low sodium soy sauce, 3 Tablespoons Greek...
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Alaska Surimi Seafood with Dipping Sauces

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Alaska Surimi Seafood with Dipping Sauces - - 12 to 16 oz. Alaska Surimi Seafood (Imitation Crab), Americana Sauce:, 1/2 cup catsup, 1 Tablespoon creamy horseradish, 1 teaspoon each packed brown sugar and minced onion, 1/2 teaspoon fresh lemon juice, Southwest Sauce:, 1/2 cup low-fat mayonnaise, 1/3 cup low-fat sour cream or plain yogurt,...
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Alaska Smoked Salmon Appetizer

[wpurp-searchable-recipe]Alaska Smoked Salmon Appetizer - - Spread:, 3 oz. softened cream cheese or crme fraiche, 2 teaspoons fresh chopped dill, thyme or tarragon, 1 teaspoon lime juice, 4 bagel halves/rye bread slices or 8 pita chip rounds/crisp rye cracker, 4 oz. Alaska Smoked Salmon, sliced or chunked, Garnishes:, 1-2 tablespoons of any of the...
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