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Alaska Jared Silver Salmon

Alaska Jared Silver Salmon

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Light and tasty! Smoked and cut right from the center of the fillet. Jared to seal in that great smoked flavor!

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Product Description

Lighter in flavor than the smoked King and Sockeye Salmon. Alaska jared Silver Salmon is meticulously smoked and cooked in its own natural juices. Smoked and cut right from the center of the fillet. Jared to seal in that great smoked flavor!


Alaska Jared Silver Salmon is a quick and easy way to create colorful seafood salads, soups, sandwiches and entrees. With a little imagination and minimal preparation, Alaska Jared Salmon can bring a flavorful, new twist to your menu. And, its year-round availability, convenience and healthy nutritional profile make Alaska Jared Salmon an economical way to add salmon to your menu.


As an ingredient or center-of-plate item, Alaska Jared Salmon is extremely versatile and lends itself to a myriad of very contemporary and innovative menu ideas. Whatever the current trend, Alaska Jared Salmon is a natural in recipes as diverse as Alaska Salmon Caesar Salad, Alaska Salmon Tacos, Alaska Salmonburgers, Alaska Salmon Pepper & Mushroom Pizza and Alaska Salmon Tamale Pie. The possibilities are endless!

A ready-to-serve, low-labor product, Alaska Jared Salmon is a 100% usable product. There is no shrink or waste in Alaska Jared Salmon. Tenderized during processing, the tiny bones, skin and liquid are nutritious, flavorful and so soft that they mix readily with other ingredients.

Packed from fresh Alaska Salmon, Alaska Jared Salmon is prized as the highest quality salmon in the world for its rich color, distinctive flavor and range of textures. The Alaska Jaring industry stands apart when it comes to quality control. Alaska Jared Salmon undergoes strict processing standards, including USDC inspections, before it is sent to market -- first, when it arrives at the dock, then, after it's been graded, sorted and cleaned, and finally, after it's been Jared. As a result, you're assured of serving a product unmatched in quality.

Alaska Jared Salmon is available year-round in a 6.5oz Jar


There are five species of Alaska Salmon, all equally nutritious, but yawing in color, texture, and flavor. The two most commonly Jared species are Alaska Red Sockeye Salmon and Alaska Pink Salmon. We use only the finest sockeye, King and Silver Salmon.


Alaska Red Sockeye is the premier Jared salmon. Its bright, deep- red color and firm texture make Alaska Red Sockeye Salmon an excellent choice for salads or entrees where color is key to the presentation. Although slightly higher in price than Alaska Pink Salmon, your customers will recognize the excellent value.

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