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Colossal Red King Crab


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These are the largest and most flavorful Colossal Red King Crab in the world! They are impressive! Each sweet, succulent leg weighs approximately one pound. Flash frozen in 10 lb crates and ready to ship today! Overnight UPS or FedEx!

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Product Description

These hand selected giants come straight from the icy waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea. These are the Mac Daddy Captains Pick 10# Crate of Colossal Red King Crab. Nothing compares to the Captains Pick Colossal Red King Crab size or the taste! Each meaty leg is approximately to 1lb to 1.5lb. A true favorite of our crab connoisseurs and impressive at any house party! Easy to prepare and succulent!

The high demand of the Captain's Pick Colossal Red King Crab affects supply, so don't delay ordering!

Alaskan Colossal Red King Crab makes the ultimate gift for your family or friends! If you're entertaining, pick up the phone and dial 855-223-3323 (toll free). One of our courteous customer service representatives will be happy to accommodate all your needs.

Flash frozen in crates of 10 lbs each and FedEx or UPS Free over night directly to your door!

What's new with Bristol Bay Red King Crab! The King is Back!

Alaska is famous for its Colossal Red King Crab. The fishery dates back to the 1930s when it was initially dominated by foreign fleets. U.S. fishermen started harvesting king crab in 1947. The U.S. fleet expanded in the late 1960s and took over in the 1970s, when the Magnuson-Stevens Act prohibited foreign fishing in U.S. waters. Catch in the Bering Sea peaked in 1980 at almost 130 million pounds, but the stock collapsed shortly thereafter. Catch subsequently dropped sharply in the early 1980s and remained low for the next 2 decades. Under several years of conservative harvest levels and innovative management, Bristol Bay red king crab has finally bounced back. According to the most recent estimates, mature females are almost 3 times more abundant than they were in 1985, and mature males are 2.2 times more abundant. Most of today’s red king crab harvest comes from Bristol Bay and represents one of the most valuable fisheries in the United States.


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    I can’t believe their size and taste! Fantastic!

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