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Red King Crab Cocktail Portions

Red King Crab Cocktail Portions

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No other shellfish in the world makes quite the impression of Alaska King Crab. Now you can enjoy this premier Wild Alaska King Crab cost effectively. Sold in three pound bags these tender, meaty pieces include the sweet claws. Making a great statement for your dinner party or, gift for someone special. shipping FedEx overnight included.

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Product Description

Were always looking for ways to deliver Red King Crab across America cost effectively. Red King Crab is harvested January through March and October through November or until quota has been met. During our harvest we put aside a portion of the pot catch for cocktail pieces and claws. Then we sell the leg separately. These pieces are top quality sweet, meaty and precooked ready to be served. A great way to enjoy Alaska's premier Crab. Enjoy! Sold in three pound bags only.

Alaska is famous for its red king crab. The fishery dates back to the 1930s when it was initially dominated by foreign fleets. U.S. fishermen started harvesting king crab in 1947. The U.S. fleet expanded in the late 1960s and took over in the 1970s, when the Magnuson-Stevens Act prohibited foreign fishing in U.S. waters. Catch in the Bering Sea peaked in 1980 at almost 130 million pounds, but the stock collapsed shortly thereafter. Catch subsequently dropped sharply in the early 1980s and remained low for the next 2 decades.

Under several years of conservative harvest levels and innovative management, Bristol Bay red king crab has finally bounced back. According to the most recent estimates, mature females are almost 3 times more abundant than they were in 1985, and mature males are 2.2 times more abundant. Most of today’s red king crab harvest comes from Bristol Bay and represents one of the most valuable fisheries in the United States.

As anyone who's watched The Deadliest Catch on cable TV knows, crabs are big business in Alaska. Between the three major commercial crab species in Alaska red king crab legs, blue king, and snow crab, fishermen landed more than 100 million pounds in 2012. That catch was worth more than $258 million at the dock.