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Red King Crab Legs (3 lbs)

Red King Crab Legs (3 lbs)

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Enormous Red King Crab Legs (3 lbs) ! Not quite as large as our colossal but just as tasty and sweet! Your gonna love them! Caught in the icy cold waters of the Bering Sea-there is nothing that pleases like this Red King Crab Legs (3 lbs) three pound package. Red King Crab Legs (3 lbs) makes for a wonderful affordable gift package. 9/12 ct legs per ten pounds. Shipped overnight

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Product Description

Red King Crab Legs (3 lbs)

These wild Red King Crab Legs (3 lbs) of meaty legs are full of flavor and will satisfy any seafood connoisseur. Caught in the icy cold waters of Alaska, then delivered direct to your door! All King Crab is wild Alaskan caught and rich in Omega-3! Indulge yourself or send one of these amazing gifts to a loved one or friend. Red King Crab Legs (3 lbs) packages are 9/12 count and shipped in freezer packs with dry ice or frozen gel packs.

Conventional wisdom says that a healthy diet is one that is low in fat and - invariably - short on flavor. We beg to differ. And so do millions of connoisseurs of Alaska seafood the world over. You can study reams of nutritional research. Or, simply observe the extraordinary health and longevity of people in countries where seafood is a mainstay of the diet. Either way, Alaska seafood is as healthy as it is delicious. Enjoy the finest Red King Crab Legs (3 lbs) packages on the planet! Be sure to calculate how many will be joining you for dinner. These legs are measured by 10 pound increments. 9 to 12 legs per 10 pounds. The legs are huge!


Wild Alaska Seafood Grilling Tips
Preparing the Grill: 

  • Fish cooks best over a medium-hot fire; shellfish require a hot grill. 
  • Make sure the grill is hot before you start cooking. 
  • Liberally brush oil on the grill just prior to cooking.

Cooking Seafood: 

  • Cut large steaks or fillets into meal-size portions before grilling.
  • Use a grill basket or perforated grill rack to keep flaky fish or smaller shellfish from falling through the grill bars.
  • Oil fish/shellfish very lightly just before cooking. 
  • Always start fish with the skin side up. If the skin has been removed, the skin side will appear slightly darker. This allows the natural fat carried beneath the skin to be drawn into the fillet, keeping it rich and moist.
  • Turn seafood only once. For easy turning, use a two prong kitchen fork inserted between the grill bars to slightly lift the fish, then slide a metal spatula under the fish and turn.
  • Cook fish approximately 10 minutes per inch of thickness. Seafood continues to cook after it’s removed from the heat so take it off the heat just as soon as it is opaque throughout. . To check for doneness, slide a sharp knife tip into the center of the thickest part of a cooking seafood portion, checking for color. Remove from the heat just as soon as it turns from translucent to opaque throughout.



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