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Smoked Sockeye Salmon 6oz.

Smoked Sockeye Salmon 6oz.

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Cut from the center of the salmon fillet and hand Alder smoked to perfection. Just the right size for two!

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Product Description

These smoked sockeye salmon regular flavor fillets are center cut, smoked to perfection and packed in their natural juices. Spoil yourself with these flavorful fillets! Shop our site for all three great flavors: Regular, Black Pepper and Honey.


There are five species of Alaska Salmon, all equally nutritious, but yawing in color, texture, and flavor. The two most commonly canned species are Alaska Red Sockeye Salmon and Alaska Pink Salmon.


Alaska Red Sockeye is the premier smoked sockeye salmon. Its bright, deep- red color and firm texture make Alaska Red Sockeye Salmon an excellent choice for salads or entrees where color is key to the presentation. Although slightly higher in price than Alaska Pink Salmon, your customers will recognize the excellent value.


Alaska Pink Salmon has a roselike color with a softer texture and milder flavor, and lends itself to a wide array of dishes such as pasta, soups, sandwiches and casseroles. Alaska Pink Salmon is the most abundant of all salmon species harvested in Alaska, and cost per serving is less expensive than Alaska Red Sockeye Salmon.


An excellent source of protein, Alaska smoked sockeye Salmon is high in Omega-3 fatty acids and contains all the essential amino acids as well as Vitamin A, and niacin and riboflavin from the B-complex group. In fact, the soft tiny bones are an excellent source of calcium.

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