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Recipe Index


Adobo Cream Sauce
Alaska 'Crab' Portofino Soup
Alaska Black Cod Marinated with Acacia Honey
Alaska Black Cod Marinated with Honey
Alaska Black Cod San Sebastian
Alaska Black Cod with Ginger-Lime Sauce
Alaska Black Cod with Sugarcane Marinade
Alaska Cod Acqua Pazza
Alaska Cod and Smoked Salmon Chowder
Alaska Cod Buffalo-style Quesadilla
Alaska Cod Cakes with Citrus Sauce
Alaska Cod Cakes with Spicy Coconut Broth
Alaska Cod Chowder with Black Beans and Corn
Alaska Cod en Papillote
Alaska Cod Florentine
Alaska Cod in Miso Broth with Udon Noodles
Alaska Cod Jerk Tacos with Maple Mango Slaw
Alaska Cod Mol Tacos
Alaska Cod Parmigiano
Alaska Cod Saag Curry
Alaska Cod Santa Fe-Style Wrap
Alaska Cod Torta
Alaska Cod Tostadas
Alaska Cod Vietnamese Classic
Alaska Cod with Black Bean & Corn Salad
Alaska Cod with Nioise-Style Salad
Alaska Cod with Tomato, Mozzarella & Basil
Alaska Crab & Artichoke Quesadilla
Alaska Crab Cake Louie Sandwich
Alaska Crab Claw Antipasto
Alaska Crab Espaola
Alaska Crab Legs with Dipping Sauces
Alaska Crab Pho
Alaska Crab Provencal
Alaska Crab Salad with Avocado, Grapefruit & Citrus-Ginger Vinaigrette
Alaska Crab Tacos
Alaska Crab Tom Yum
Alaska Crab Wontons
Alaska Dukkah Dusted Rockfish
Alaska Dungeness Crab & Wild Mushroom Chowder
Alaska Dungeness Crab Tacos with Bacon and Apple Jicama Salsa
Alaska Fish Tacos with Citrus Salsa and Cabbage Slaw by Chef John Ash
Alaska Halibut Bruschetta
Alaska Halibut Caprese
Alaska Halibut Caprese Salad
Alaska Halibut Caprese Salad Bites
Alaska Halibut Cioppino
Alaska Halibut Corn Dogs
Alaska Halibut Mandarin
Alaska Halibut Romesco
Alaska Halibut Tacos with Cucumber Salsa
Alaska Halibut Wasabi Saut
Alaska Halibut with a Green Chile Blanket
Alaska Halibut with Chimichurri on Green Rice
Alaska Halibut with Dill Sauce
Alaska Halibut with Lemon Dressing
Alaska Halibut with Pancetta Salad
Alaska Halibut with Pineapple, Chipotle & Raisin Salsa
Alaska Halibut with Spring Dill Soup and Crisped Prosciutto
Alaska Halibut with Tangy Fruit Salsa
Alaska Halibut with Wild Mushrooms and Leeks
Alaska Honey Sriracha Cod Noodle Bowl
Alaska Honey Sriracha Salmon Noodle Bowl
Alaska Keta Salmon Steaks with Orange-Avocado Salad
Alaska Keta Salmon with Vegetable-Bread Stuffing
Alaska King Crab Cakes with Apple-Fennel-Radish Slaw & Meyer Lemon Dressing by Chef Ryan Nelson
Alaska King Crab in a Warm Lemon-Cilantro Sabayon
Alaska King Crab Salpicon Salad
Alaska King Crab with Wilted Kale and Quinoa Salad
Alaska King Salmon Fillet Oscar by Chef Keoni Chang
Alaska Kingdom Crab Bites
Alaska Pollock a la Plancha
Alaska Pollock Burrito
Alaska Pollock Gratin
Alaska Pollock Jerk Tacos
Alaska Pollock Piccata
Alaska Pollock Po' Boy
Alaska Pollock Sliders
Alaska Pollock Taco Tango
Alaska Pollock with Bruschetta Tomato Topping
Alaska Pollock with Spicy Butter Sauce
Alaska Rockfish Caribe
Alaska Rockfish Charmoula
Alaska Salmon and Chipotle Dip
Alaska Salmon and Chipotle Wrap
Alaska Salmon and Lacinato Kale with Apple Bacon Vinaigrette
Alaska Salmon and White Bean Salad
Alaska Salmon Bake
Alaska Salmon BLT
Alaska Salmon Broccoli Cheddar Brunch Bake
Alaska Salmon Bundles
Alaska Salmon Burgers
Alaska Salmon Burgers with Rhubarb Chutney
Alaska Salmon Burrito
Alaska Salmon Cakes with Spicy Turmeric Garlic
Alaska Salmon Chile-Citrus Tacos
Alaska Salmon Ciabatta Sandwiches
Alaska Salmon Club
Alaska Salmon Cobb
Alaska Salmon Croquettes
Alaska Salmon en Papillote
Alaska Salmon Florentine Stuffed Potatoes
Alaska Salmon Greek-Style Stuffed Pita Pockets
Alaska Salmon Havarti Caesar Salad
Alaska Salmon Head Pho
Alaska Salmon Hushpuppies
Alaska Salmon in a Blanket
Alaska Salmon Melts
Alaska Salmon Mini-Loaves
Alaska Salmon Nioise Salad
Alaska Salmon Osso Bucco by Chef Adam Hegsted
Alaska Salmon Pasta Puttanesca
Alaska Salmon Penne with Green Beans and Vinaigrette
Alaska Salmon Pesto Pasta Salad
Alaska Salmon Risotto
Alaska Salmon Salad Monterey
Alaska Salmon Salad Sandwiches
Alaska Salmon Sushi
Alaska Salmon Tacos
Alaska Salmon Tetrazzini
Alaska Salmon Tortilla Soup
Alaska Salmon Tostada
Alaska Salmon with Gnocchi and Roasted Red Pepper Sauce
Alaska Salmon with Horseradish, Walnuts & Herbs
Alaska Salmon with Orange & Watercress
Alaska Salmon with Provenal Vegetables Vinaigrette
Alaska Salmon with Shoyu Tarragon Sauce
Alaska Salmon-Stuffed Tomatoes
Alaska Salmon, Fennel and Tomato Salad
Alaska Scallop Ceviche with Pickled Beets
Alaska Seafood Cioppino
Alaska Seafood Pho
Alaska Seafood Tom Yum
Alaska Smoked Salmon and Chipotle Chowder
Alaska Smoked Salmon Appetizer
Alaska Smoked Salmon Benedict Caribe
Alaska Smoked Salmon Capri Salad
Alaska Smoked Salmon Fettuccini Jardinire
Alaska Smoked Salmon Panini
Alaska Smoked Salmon Summer Pasta Salad
Alaska Smoked Salmon Tart
Alaska Snow Crab Salad with Goat Cheese and Gochujang Vinaigrette
Alaska Snow Crab Sushi Salad
Alaska Snow Crab Tortilla Soup
Alaska Sockeye Salmon Bites
Alaska Sockeye Salmon Grilling Tips
Alaska Sockeye Salmon with Brown Sugar Peanut Sauce
Alaska Sockeye Salmon with Chipotle Honey Glaze
Alaska Sockeye Salmon with Herbs and Garlic
Alaska Sockeye Salmon with Molasses Marmalade Glaze
Alaska Sockeye Salmon with Northwest Spiced Coffee Rub
Alaska Sockeye Salmon with Orange Ginger Compound Butter
Alaska Sockeye Salmon with Wasabi Goat Cheese
Alaska Sole & Snow Crab Ceviche
Alaska Sole and Wild Mushrooms
Alaska Sole Baja Tacos
Alaska Sole Capri
Alaska Sole Florentine
Alaska Sole Meuniere
Alaska Sole or Salmon Sliders
Alaska Sole Piccata
Alaska Sole Sliders
Alaska Sole with Couscous
Alaska Spot Prawn Crudo
Alaska Spot Prawns with Gingered Teriyaki Glaze
Alaska Surimi Seafood 'California Roll' Lettuce Cups
Alaska Surimi Seafood Alfredo Pasta with Crunchy Garlic Herb Bread Crumbs
Alaska Surimi Seafood Antipasto
Alaska Surimi Seafood Artichoke Dip
Alaska Surimi Seafood Breakfast Bake
Alaska Surimi Seafood Cobb Salad
Alaska Surimi Seafood Composed Salad
Alaska Surimi Seafood Lettuce Cups
Alaska Surimi Seafood Portofino Soup
Alaska Surimi Seafood Thai Salad
Alaska Surimi Seafood with Dipping Sauces
Alaska Surimi Seafood, Lemon, Artichoke & Pesto Whole Wheat Pasta Salad
Alaska Surimi Seafood, Spinach & Artichoke Flat Bread Bake
Alaska Taco Sushi
Alaska Taco Sushi Bites
Ancient Miso Dipping Sauce
Artichoke and Spinach-Roasted Alaska Cod
Asian Aromatic Alaska Keta Salmon with Sesame Snap Peas
Asian Crunch Alaska Surimi Seafood Wrap with Spicy Soy Mayo
Asian-Inspired Roasted Alaska Rockfish
Asian-Style Alaska Smoked Salmon Roll
Asian-Style Steamed Alaska Crab with Bok Choy


Bacon Wrapped Alaska Scallop Sliders
Bacon-Wrapped Alaska Scallop Sliders
Baja-Alaska Halibut Sandwich
Baja-laska Halibut Sandwich
Balsamic Alaska Salmon with Strawberries
Barbecued Alaska Salmon Pizzette
BBQ Pulled Alaska Surimi Sandwich
BBQ Wild Alaska Salmon
BBQ Wild Alaska Salmon Flatbread
BBQ Wild Alaska Salmon Flatbread
Bear Tooth Alaska Cod Tacos
Black Thai Alaska Cod Tacos with Green Papaya Slaw
Blackened Wild Alaska Cod with Fennel and Orange Salad by Chef John Besh
Bloody Mary Alaska Oysters with Pickled Vegetables
Border Grill Alaska Black Cod with Roasted Peppers and White Beans
Border Grill Alaska Crab and Zucchini Quesadillas
Border Grill Crispy Alaska Fish Tacos with Chipotle Honey Salsa
Border Grill Grilled Alaska Cod Tacos
Border Grill Grilled Alaska Halibut Tacos with Cucumber Citrus Salsa
Border Grill Grilled Alaska Salmon Tacos with Corn Relish
Bronzed Alaska Salmon in a Basil-Wine Sauce
Bronzed Alaska Salmon in a Butter-Wine Sauce
Buffalo Alaska Cod Quesadilla


Cajun Style Alaska Salmon & Corn Cakes
Cajun-Style Wild Alaska Salmon and Corn Cakes
California Roll Deviled Eggs
California Sticky Rice Salad with Alaska Surimi Seafood
California Sticky Rice Salad with Alaska Surimi Seafood
Cape Cod By Way of Alaska
Caribbean Jerk Alaska Salmon and Spiked Pineapple Skewers
Carpaccio of Alaska Smoked Salmon with Mushrooms
Catalonian Cod Soup
Cedar Plank Grilled Alaska Salmon with Sweet Potatoes
Chai-Grilled Alaska Snow Crab
Chai-Poached Alaska Rockfish with Celery Root Puree
Charred Alaska Halibut Tacos with Cilantro Pesto
Charred Sugar-Crusted Alaska Salmon
Cherry & Balsamic-Topped Alaska Cod
Chile-Rubbed Alaska Cod Tamale
Chili Garlic Alaska Pollock
Chinese Crab Cake Salad
Chipotle-Glazed Wild Alaska Salmon with Spicy Peanut Salsa by Chef Rick Bayless
Chopped Salad with Alaska Seafood 'Croutons'
Chu Chee Red Curry Alaska Scallops and Green Beans
Citrus Alaska Pollock Lettuce Wraps
Citrus Alaska Sole with a Tahini Drizzle
Citrus-Battered Alaska Fish Tacos with Creamy Garlic Lime Slaw
Classic Alaska Salmon Macaroni Salad
Coconut-Lime Injected Alaska King Crab (Foodservice Version)
Coriander and Fennel Encrusted Wild Alaska Salmon in a Citrus Emulsion by Chef Robert Wiedmaier
Creamy Alaska Crab Penne Pasta Bake
Creamy Alaska Salmon Pasta
Creole Cod Cake Sliders with Cajun Tartar Sauce
Creole Mustard Dip
Creole Salmon-Stuffed Bell Peppers
Crispy Alaska Cod with Greek Pesto
Crispy Alaska Rockfish with Celery Root Puree
Crispy Baked Alaska Pollock and Veggie Egg Roll
Curried Alaska Keta Salmon with Coconut Rice
Curried Alaska Pollock and Rice


Delish Alaska Fish Tacos
Deviled Alaska Surimi Seafood Salad Sandwich
Deviled Alaska Surimi Seafood Sandwiches
Dilled Alaska Surimi Salad Sandwich


East Meets West Coast Alaska Fish Tacos
Espresso Rub Alaska Rockfish


Fast & Spicy Alaska Halibut
Fish n Chips n Salsa
Flat Grilled Alaska Salmon with Bacon and Potato Hash
Forbidden Rice Rockfish


Garlic Butter Alaska Spot Prawns with Basil and Tomato
Garlic Grilled Alaska Salmon Salad
Gently Roasted Alaska Halibut with Leeks, Peppers and Olives
Ginger-Soy Infused Steamed Alaska Halibut
Great Grilled Alaska Salmon Side with Greek Seasoning
Great Grillled Alaska Salmon Side with Asian Seasoning
Great Smoky Grilled Alaska Crab
Greek Alaska Pollock Pita Sandwiches
Greek Grilled Alaska Cod
Greek Isle-Style Alaska Smoked Salmon Pizzette
Grilled Alaska Cod Gyro
Grilled Alaska Cod Soft Tacos by Chef John Besh
Grilled Alaska Crab Pizzetta
Grilled Alaska King Crab with Tabasco® Aioli
Grilled Alaska Pollock Tacos
Grilled Alaska Salmon Focaccia Sandwich
Grilled Alaska Salmon with Avocado and Papaya Spinach Salad
Grilled Alaska Scallops Wrapped in Prosciutto
Grilled Southwest Caesar with Alaska Surimi Seafood and Corn Jumble
Grilled Tandoori Alaska Cod


Herb and Flower-Crusted Alaska Halibut by Chef Jesse Ziff Cool
Herbed and Marinated Alaska Cod
Hoisin Glazed Wild Alaska Salmon with Ginger Lemongrass Broth
Hoisin-Marinated and Grilled Alaska Halibut
Honey-Dijon Alaska Salmon with Asparagus and Walnuts
Hot Artichoke, Alaska Salmon and Parmesan Dip


Indian Spiced Alaska Weathervane Scallops with Blackberry Agave Sauce by Chef Michael J. Watz
IPA-Poached Alaska Cod
IPA-Poached Alaska Cod with Tomato Jam and Pea Puree
Italian Salmon Caesar Salad


John Ash's Simple Pan Deglazing Sauce


Korean Miso-Cured Alaska Salmon with Fresh Cucumber Asian Pear Kimchi


Lemon-Thyme Alaska Keta Salmon with Artichoke-Tomato Salad
Lemongrass-Poached Alaska Halibut
Lime Chipotle-Roasted Alaska Snow Crab
Ludvig's Alaska Cioppino ©


Madras Curry Dip
Mahogany Alaska Black Cod
Mediterranean Rub Alaska Salmon
Mediterranean Rub Alaska Salmon
Midnight Sun Alaska Halibut & Crab Tacos
Miso-Glazed Alaska Halibut with Broccoli-Ginger Slaw
Mocki Sushi
Moroccan Sauce


New Orleans Po Boy Sandwich
Nori Dusted Alaska Halibut
North African-Style Alaska Salmon


Olive Oil Poached Alaska Black Cod with Couscous and Saffron Broth
Olive Oil-Poached Alaska Black Cod with Herb Broth
Orange-Tarragon Alaska Scallop Skewers
Oregano-Crusted Alaska Cod with Greek Quinoa Salad
Oven Roasted Stuffed Alaska Halibut by Chef Naomi Everett
Oven-Roasted Alaska Cod Europa
Oven-Roasted Alaska Cod Gremolata


Pan Roasted Wild Alaska Black Cod with Preserved Lemon Sauce and Pistachio Picada by Chef Thom Fox
Pan Steamed Alaska Seafood Marseilles
Pan-Seared Alaska Halibut & Vegetables Chowder-Style
Pan-Seared Alaska Sole with California Raisin Mousseline
Pan-Seared Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon with Rhubarb-Ginger Sauce
Pasta Jitomate de Salmon
Philly Roll Tacos with Wasabi Cream
Pistachio-Crusted Alaska Halibut Bites
Pistachio-Crusted Alaska Halibut Kebabs
Planked Alaska Salmon with Asian Glaze
Planked Alaska Salmon with Mediterranean Medley
Planked Alaska Salmon with Sol-I-Mar Rub
Planked Alaska Salmon with Sunny Chipotle Rub
Planked Alaska Salmon with Terrific Taj Rub
Poached New Delhi Alaska Cod
Porcini-Dusted Miso Alaska Cod over Summer Vegetable Succotash
Portuguese-Style Alaska Crab Stew
Potato Crusted Alaska Salmon with Beurre Blanc
Provenal Citrus-Tarragon Sauce
Provencal Cod Cakes
Pulled BBQ King Crab Sandwich


Quick Alaska Salmon Chowder


R.A.F.T.D. (Renee's Alaska Fish Taco Deliciousness)
Rice Paper Wrapped Alaska Salmon Rolls
Roasted Alaska Cod with Kale Pesto and Tomato Jam
Roasted Alaska Cod with Olive, Lemon & Potato Salad by Chef Jason Wilson
Roasted Alaska Halibut with Clams and Sake Broth
Roasted Alaska Pollock with Roasted Garlic-Creme Fraiche Risotto and Shaved Pear Salad


Sak Poached Alaska Salmon
Salt & Pepper Alaska Cod
Sauted Alaska Weathervane Scallops with Citrus Salad and Avocado by Chef Ben Pollinger
Savory Alaska Surimi Melt Sandwiches
Scallop & Cashew Slaw Tacos
Seared Alaska Salmon with Tomatoes, Leeks and Artichokes
Seared Alaska Sole on Spicy Sesame Noodles
Seared Alaska Weathervane Scallops and Saffron Arroz
Seared Alaska Weathervane Scallops with Bacon, Parsnip Puree and Mustard Veal Jus by Chef Dan Enos
Seared Weathervane Scallops with Pomegranate and Cucumber Salad by Chef Patrick Hoogerhyde
Semolina-Crusted Alaska Halibut
Sesame Cucumber Pepper Salad with Alaska Surimi Seafood
Sesame Seared Alaska Sole Roll
Simmered Lemongrass Alaska King Crab Legs
Simple Alaska Crab Stir-Fry
Slow Cooked Wild Alaska King Salmon with Pistachio and Peas
Smoked Alaska Halibut on Savory French Toast
Smoked Alaska Mussel Chowder
Smoked Alaska Salmon Deli
Smoky Alaska Surimi Seafood Dip
Smoky Pimenton and Sherry-Roasted Alaska Black Cod
Smoky Salmon Spread
Smoky Seared Alaska Cod
South of the Border Cod Bowl
South of the Border Salmon Bowl
Southwest Salmon Frittata
Southwestern Surimi Wrap
Spicy Alaska Halibut Stew
Spicy Alaska Halibut Wrap
Spicy Alaska Salmon Wraps
Spicy Chili-Lime Alaska Pollock Caesar Salad
Spicy Cornmeal-Crusted Alaska Salmon
Spicy Flying Fish Tacos By Chef Christine Keff
Spring Green Alaska Cod-Potato Cakes
Sriracha Spread Alaska Salmon
Steamed Alaska Crab with Chardonnay-Lemon-Herb Splash
Steamed Alaska Salmon, Chinese-Style
Steamed Szechwan Alaska Cod
Sweet & Saucy Alaska Cod
Sweet-Smoky-Spicy Alaska Salmon Rub
Swiss Chard Wrapped Alaska Rockfish Skewers
Swiss Chard-Wrapped Alaska Rockfish Skewers
Szechwan Alaska Halibut and Savoy Slaw


Tamarind Glazed Alaska Rockfish
Tempura Cod Bites with Samurai Sauce
Teriyaki-Braised Alaska Black Cod with Colorful Vegetables
Thai Curry Quick Alaska Cod with Instant Basmati Rice
Thai Green Curry Alaska Salmon
Thai Seared Alaska Cod Salad
Thyme-Crusted Alaska Black Cod
Thyme-Crusted Alaska Black Cod on Braised Red Onions
Togarashi Alaska Black Cod with Kale Kimchi
Tropical Coconut-Lime Glazed Alaska King Crab with Sweet Panko Thai Brittle
Turmeric and Ginger Dusted Alaska Cod Tacos


Venice Beach Fish Tacos from Alaska
Vietnamese Alaska Black Cod with Exotic Herb Salad
Vietnamese Cod Toasts


Whiskey-Steamed Alaska Halibut
Whole Roasted Alaska Salmon with Fennel and Lemon
Wild Alaska Halibut Cakes
Wild Alaska Halibut Tacos by Executive Chef Ben Pollinger
Wild Alaska Halibut with Morels and Asparagus by Chef Michael Cimarusti
Wild Alaska Quinoa Cakes
Wild Alaska Quinoa Cakes
Wild Alaska Salmon and Broccoli Bakes
Wild Alaska Salmon and Creamed Spinach & Bacon Benedict
Wild Alaska Salmon and Watercress Roll
Wild Alaska Salmon Banh Mi Wrap
Wild Alaska Salmon Breakfast Pie
Wild Alaska Salmon Caesar Salad
Wild Alaska Salmon Cheesesteak
Wild Alaska Salmon Crpes with Stir-fried Vegetables
Wild Alaska Salmon Frittata
Wild Alaska Salmon Greek Salad
Wild Alaska Salmon Herb Mousse
Wild Alaska Salmon Kimchi Burger
Wild Alaska Salmon on Rosemary Parmesan Ciabatta
Wild Alaska Salmon Pancakes
Wild Alaska Salmon Pasta Salad with Grilled Vegetables
Wild Alaska Salmon Pilaf with Bacon, Peas and Mint
Wild Alaska Salmon Potato Pancakes
Wild Alaska Salmon Rice Bowl
Wild Alaska Salmon Salsa with Tortillas
Wild Alaska Salmon with Pesto Linguine
Wild Alaska Salmon, Avocado and Tomato Baguettes
Wild Alaska Salmon, Broccoli and Sweet Corn Chowder
Wild Alaska Salmon, Mozzarella and Roasted Tomato Tarts
Wild Alaska Salmon, Spinach & Bacon Benedict
Wild Alaska Seafood Hobo Packs by Chef John Ash
Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon Cakes with Spicy Turmeric Garlic
Wild Alaskan Quinoa Cakes
Wild Caught Alaska Cod Tacos by Chef Naomi Everett
Wok Fried Wild Alaska Dungeness Crab with Garlic, Ginger and Green Onion by Chef Brian Malarkey


Yucatecan Grilled Fish Tacos by Chef Rick Bayless


Zuppa Di Pesce (Italian Fish Soup)