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Alaska is fish country. For thousands of years, the fishes of Alaska’s seas and rivers have supported human use, from fisheries used by Alaska’s indigenous Native peoples since prehistoric times, to today’s modern seafood industry. Alaska is home to abundant stocks of many species of fish, and offers some of the cleanest marine, freshwater, and upland habitats in the world. Effective state and federal institutions manage fisheries that are productive and sustainable, clean and healthy. Alaska is the only State in the nation whose Constitution explicitly mandates that all fish, including salmon, shall be utilized, developed, and maintained on the sustained yield principle.

Alaska is thousands of miles away from large sources of pollution that can contaminate the human food supply in other parts of the world. These distances, combined with the earth’s patterns of circulation of water and air, help to ensure that Alaska’s own waters are among the cleanest in the world.

Alaska’s human population density is among the lowest of any in the United States, and lower than most places in the world. Alaska has little heavy industry, and has strict regulations governing development activities, such as road building, mining, logging, and sewage treatment. The State of Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation (ADEC) has a regulatory section dealing specifically with water quality. Water discharges, such as sewage and other potential pollutants, are closely regulated to ensure high water quality. In addition, ADFG requires prior approval for any in-stream construction activities in Alaska’s salmon streams through the authority of the Alaska statutes known as the “Anadromous Fish Act” (Alaska Statute 16.05.870). Alaska also has a Forest Practices Act requiring buffer zones from logging along salmon streams to prevent erosion and protect spawning and rearing habitat. Clean marine habitats produce pure seafood products.

Alaska’s marine habitats are extremely clean, and Alaska’s seafood is pure and remarkably free of contamination by pesticides, petroleum derivatives, PCBs, metals, and bacteria.

Alaska's Finest Seafood has one objective – Deliver the finest, wild caught Alaskan seafood straight to your table.

By combining the latest technology in packaging and logistics, we deliver seafood with unmatched quality and freshness to our customers at an affordable cost. Alaska seafood typically costs a bit more than your local grocery however the health benefits far out weigh the difference.

Your seafood is caught from the cold, pristine waters surrounding the state of Alaska. Once our fisherman dock, the catch is quickly transferred to the packing facility in Alaska where it is processed for delivery. After your order is completed online or phone, the shipment is packed and on its way to your door. This entire cycle – from the water to your door – is complete in a matter of days!

Our fish are wild caught and unadulterated. No preservatives and no tricks. You can be assured our fish will be a healthy, safe meal for your family and your customers.

We take great pride in delivering the freshest seafood you can find. –  Our products are guaranteed and we’ll do our best to meet all your expectations. Whether you’re looking for a few fresh salmon filets, a large gift pack, or bulk orders of crab legs for a five star restaurant, we have you covered!